Church Trail of Harting Church

Church Trails are generally for children.  They are guides in the form of pictorial questions, and encourage the children to discover the history, architecture and furnishings of churches.

The Arts Society have been encouraging members to create church trails for churches in their location and have created a format, so that the guides follow the same pattern.    In creating a trail it makes it easier if the questions follow the Christian Journey of Life, beginning with the font, baptism, down the nave, the spiritual journey, to the lectern, the Word of God, then the pulpit, the interpretation of the Word on to the altar, the Holy Sacrament and Christ Himself and finally to the memorial, death and afterlife.

In Harting, the church is dedicated to St Mary and St Gabriel.  It is thought that the first church was built in Saxon times.   However any remains of the original church were finally removed when the West wall was completely rebuilt to install 3 windows in memory of Maryann, the wife of Harry Featherstonhaugh.  For some years, the Featherstonhaugh family of Uppark were Patrons of the church and many of the questions in our Church Trail have a connection with this family.  

In 16th Century a fire destroyed the chancel and in the rebuild, a hammerbeam ceiling was installed.  It is thought that this incredible ceiling was taken from another building as it does not match the footprint of the chancel. 

Harting Church is central to the village community and it will be wonderful to be able to help the future generations of Harting and surrounding areas, to get to know more about this beautiful church.