Church Recording

In Midhurst we have a small group of enthusiastic members who have just completed recording the interior of the shepherds’ church, St. Andrew’s at Didling, which dates back to the 11th -12th centuries.  Church recorders research, describe, measure and photograph every discipline that is to be found in the particular church they are recording.  Being a simple church, our work relates to Metalwork, Woodwork, Stonework, Windows, Textiles and Library.  When the work is completed copies of our record will be distributed to the Church authority, the V & A Art Library, the English Heritage Archive, County Record Office and St. Andrew’s. 

In a fast changing world it is important that the preservation of our rich heritage is acknowledged and celebrated.  There are practical reasons too why this work is important.  Stolen artefacts are much more likely to be traced by the police with photographs and measurements; insurance companies can identify items; church authorities have a complete record of furnishings in their churches; and researchers have a special source of reference.

In the past Midhurst DFAS has recorded St. Mary's, Bepton (1995), St. James's, Heyshott (2000), St. Mary Magdalene and St. Denis, Midhurst (2004) and St. James's, Selham (2010). 

If you are interested in church recording do let us know.