The Arts Society Midhurst aims to give members opportunities to learn more about the decorative and fine arts and to share their interests with a lively and friendly group of fellow minded enthusiasts.

Our programme includes 10 lectures held on the first Tuesday of the month.  These cover a wide range of themes and topics related to fine and decorative arts.  Our speakers, who are all experts in their specialist fields, are taken from a directory maintained by NADFAS.

Visits are arranged to country houses, exhibitions, gardens and places of interest.  Members have also enjoyed holidaying together in Europe with trips organised through the Society.

Our special interest programme includes two lecture study days each year  - an opportunity  to get an in depth appreciation of the topic as well as to enjoy a delicious  lunch.

Our society is fully committed to supporting our local community.  The Young Arts’ programme works with local schools in order to enhance their Arts’ provision. A church recording group is detailing the many treasures in our rural churches and at present a group is developing a church trail to awaken interest in these treasures for  younger children.

If you want to be involved there are a number of opportunities to work with museums and historic houses through our Heritage Volunteer scheme.