Welcome to The Arts Society Midhurst

We are a branch of the The Arts Society and our aim is to open up the world of the Arts and enhance our appreciation of our cultural and artistic heritage, both national and international, through a vibrant programme of lectures, visits and local initiatives, working with young people and enthusiastic volunteers.

Take a look at our programme of lectures and visits and you will see that we embrace a wide range of interests including paintings, architecture, archaeology, ceramics, garden design  and social history.

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The Arts Society Midhurst 2018/2019 programme is on this web site.  You can view it by clicking here.

For details of next year's visit to Northern Italy, see the NEWS section here

Our next lecture on Tuesday 05 March is POP GOES THE ARTIST: FROM WARHOL TO DYLAN  by SUZANNE FAGENCE COOPER  More information here